Improve the visual landscape of the city


Conceptual design

City entrance point, Mölnlycke

We were honored to present a proposal for the municipality of Härryda for the center of the town of Mölnlycke. It was a great experience, because the municipality and the White Architecture Company had both done urban design studies for the area and made suggestions, and we had to come up with a plan that had something new to say.This challenge made the work more enjoyable for us. Finally, our proposal, which had the following features, was able to attract the attention of relevant officials.
The first feature of the design was that, unlike previous proposals by other architectural firms, it emphasized the preservation of the main structure of the city. The second feature was that according to the strategic position of the city in relation to the surrounding cities, it emphasizes the cycling infrastructure and creating a center for cyclists, and the third feature is the definition of a unique entrance to identify the city.

Emphasis on the reverse slope of the city and turning the edges and obstacles in the city center into places for people to meet, have fun and enjoy, are other strengths of this design.


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