Improve the visual landscape of the city


"Vit" in swedish means White and "Ram" means Frame!

We choose this name because White Frame is the symbol of our misson!

We want to "make every second of people's life be captured in a white frame in their mind!"

Vitram is an international company that strives to design and build sustainable spaces. We will help our customers around the world to live happier and more beautiful than before. Simply put, we are like doctors in our field, we think about urban spaces and the environments in which people live. We identify the challenge or problem they are facing. And then we try to provide solutions and plans according to the identity and unique characteristics of each project so that the problem can be solved or cured and they will live and shine forever. For this reason, each project, both large and small, is unique and very important to us. Because our goal is to remind people that every second is valuable and can be put in a unique "white frame". Where the name "VITRAM" was born! (VIT-RAM means white frame in Swedish).

We create well-being!


Our mission is to : 

  • Create prosperous; The humanistic design for a healthier and happier society!
  • Make spaces more beautiful, attractive, and sustainable.


Contact us

    Adress: Åvägen 24, 42151, Göteborg.
    Mobile: 0046-763040179
    Mobile: 0046-793354006

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